Feb. 22nd, 2012

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Nothing new for any of you seasoned HP-writers, probably, but for me it is all new and it baffles me: JKR's play on dates.

I needed one date in the Summer Holiday of 1995. In RL it's on a Thursday, according to GoF it would be on Saturday but according to the OotP calendar that same day is on a Tuesday. What nonsense!

I don't mind she is not following the RL calendar (yet, what would have been wrong in doing so, I wonder), but a bit of internal consistency in her series of books wouldn't be amiss, would it?
I read about the cause for it all: every school year starts on Monday September First...but why? 

Did JKR want to well and truly employ her artistic freedom? Make even the calendar magical? Or is it sheer carelessness? Now that is hard to believe: there would have been editors around to correct such mistakes.

Just a minor point of course, but it adds to the other irritations, like the changed background-facts and -stories.

On the other hand: now that I dived in to the books in order to write a fic, I am getting really hooked on them and feel an unexpected rush to write...if it will lead to any palpable result, remains to be seen though. *g* 

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Wishing you a very good year!


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