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Ahh! Opera at eight o'clock in the morning on TV !

Danielle de Niese and Alice Coote being convincingly amorous on a bed. Though I must say Ms Coote's bared leg looks definitely more like a Nerina than a Nerone. but when the leg is clad, Coote is a true and indulgent emperor Nero.

It's Monteverdi's "L'Incoronazione di Poppea", done in 2008 at Glyndebourne. The music is not by a large orchestra, but with a smaller orchestra of 'old' instruments - The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, conducted by Emmanuelle Haim. Wonderful!

Yesterday afternoon I had seen a bit of it, from halfway the third act, and loved it VERY much. Acting and singing were delectable, as was the simple but very effective staging. The music is so beautiful, appeasing, and, to my unschooled ears, more accompanying the singers than leading them or than leading it's own life (also very beautiful of course, but sometimes very intense too, which isn't always easy while daily life unfolds, at home).

An opera to listen and watch many times, so I'm recording it.

Edit: opera-singers mustn't be prudes nowadays: It's second act now, there is a near naked man in a real bath. Emperor Nero, in full office-suit, joins him in the water - getting all wet and they exchange a heavy kiss. Not the only one for Alice Coote, she also has to kiss De Niese, highly sensually. Can't be whiny either about germs, it seems. *gg*

Husband is still in Holland, he was required to read his poetry in Den Haag. Tonight he'll be back. So I took my chances, woke through the night, with tea and coffee, and reading Ombra Mai Fu (which is definitely worth a sleepless night!) and selecting a new mobile online (with a Kindle. Yep!) and now there is need to sleep at all then, this time. I feel like a student again. :)
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