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Four more recs, though I could have picked more works which I loved, but I guess it wouldn't be reccing anymore and rather a list of entries. :-)

A very funny Minerva/Albus story, suitable for non-shippers too, in my idea. They're wonderful in character and Albus learns a lot about modern Muggle life: "I Bow to your Judgement"

Four Old Ladies on a break and Poppy 'remembering' Jane Austen's Emma. A lovely warm and fun story: "Sense and Persuasion"

Beautiful story--and beautifully written-- about Minerva, Eplhinstone and hidden relationships: "Parting Gift". No Pottermore here! :-)

A stunning portrait of Minerva. Simply perfect: "The Headmistress's Portrait"
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This year's Minerva Fest stands out by the surprising amount of wonderful art!

I really love how much effort all the artists and, of course, our dearest Mod are putting into the Fest and I'm sure Min herself will, more than any of us, feel baffled, grateful and happy. :-)

An abundance of wonderful, fabulously characterized art makes it very hard to select just a few of the works for a Rec Post, but here we go:

Minerva's Day Out:
Min has a perfect day on her own, and a rather pleasant evening. :-)

Moonlight Meeting:
Surprise meeting in the year of The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Sunday Afternoon in the Staff Room:
The Staff Room as we've never seen it. Beautifully detailed and exceptional work.

And then there is Minerva's Birthday Gallery, with, so far, thirteen fabulous portraits. They're beautifully made and are great in characterization. I especially loved Poppy, Moody and Septima , but they're all worth a visit. Don't forget to read how they introduce themselves! :-)

You can find them here: and here:
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There were no less than eight art-entries (including a fic or poem with art and a comic) in this year's Minerva Fest.

I loved them all and I'm tempted to Rec them all, but that would hardly count as Reccing...

So here is the one which is probably my favourite, with the gorgeous play of light and the lovely 'truly-Minerva' room:
"A Moment of Peace"

Here are the links to the other seven entries:

Enchanted Evening
Thank you for being there for me
Kitty Kitty No (Comic)
Just Wait Until Next Time
Unbuttoned (fic/art)
Unbraided (poem/art)


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