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No, this is not about a make-over or shopping for fashionable clothes. It's about Gmail and Google.

Google has decided all their products should have a unified look, and in the line of that they're changing the Gmail interface dramatically. And dramatically it is indeed. It not only looks horrible and unclear, it also works very bad. It's a most ridiculous update.

You could give it a try since a few months and revert back to the old look. So I tried it for a couple of hours early in November and disgustedly went back to the old look (which they made quite hard to achieve!). I sent detailed feed-back about all that I didn't like about the new look and requested that we could please keep the old look too.

It appears I was only one of many who posted their objections and who requested to keep the old look as an option. But what was to be expected: 'they' couldn't care less.

And so it happened that yesterday my secondary account was suddenly dressed in the dreaded new look. And before being able to see my mails, a video was imposed on me with a tour of the new look. No option to skip it or to close it. No, like a dumb, resisting patient I was being force-fed Google's advert. It made my blood boil! I prefer to find out everything by trial and error all by myself!. But of course, what I really prefer is the old look or if there is need for change, a sensible one.

So what now? It's clear from the hand full of their replies in Gmail-forums that the Google-people are not going to accommodate the wishes of it's clients. It makes me sad, I LOVED Gmail in the more than five years I used it, I have even introduced it to quite a few friends and relatives. But now I strongly feel to jump ship. I hate companies who think themselves more important than their clients and who turn a deaf ear.

It's why I left Windows and Microsoft behind in 2006 and am enjoying Linux ever since and it's why I've stopped considering wanting any piece of Apple-equipment.

I was perfectly satisfied with my Chrome, my Gmail and my Google and suddenly it's all gone sour. So now I'm on the look-out and unhappy about it. I've already found its not going to be all that nice and easy to replace the Google-stuff. My new search-engine may be Cuil or Dogpile or simply Yahoo. Emai from Yahoo? Or Fastnet? Browser Opera or Firefox, which I've used both for years in the past and Chrome was definitely more of my taste, better, easier and faster (I had often forty or more tabs open in Chrome and it would work perfectly nevertheless. Would Firefox or Opera allow such lavishness?)

Why is it, when some companies grow to be that large, that suddenly they seem to think they know better than their clients? Years ago, when Google kept growing and run from success to success, I already feared they may be getting too powerful. But I liked many of their things so I kept using more of it. How sad it is that today my fears have become reality. It is not just for the new-look that I'm getting away from Google and its products, it is mainly for the way they (don't) communicate that I'm going: asking for feed-back, but in such a way that you can guess it's only done to pacify the clients and not to actually use it; making it impossible to directly contact them with a question or problem - everything has to be done through the forums, where then hardly any one of Google itself will reply; offering people to try out the new look, but then make it so hard to go back to the old look, that many were stuck against there will with the new look. The final push was that video yesterday, which you HAD to watch, not even reload or close and re-open your Gmail did help to get rid of the vid. It all has started to feel like we customers don't matter and Google is King...

So, like I said, it makes me turn away from them, in the hope that many will do the same and that ultimately Google will be forced to listen. If they do, I'll be among the first to return!


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