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Last week I discovered that Sky Arts broadcasts full opera's in the afternoon. Normally I don't watch TV in the daytime, but I wanted to listen some classical music and gave a try at Sky Arts...and what a surprise (to me at least): they were showing Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" from the Met's 2007/2008 season.

It was with Deborah Voigt as Isolde, hugely powerful in voice and personality, it will not be easy to sing and act 'up to her', I believe. Tristan was performed by Robert Dean Smith, he held his own against the soprano luckily. My favourite voice was the mezzo-soprano Michelle DeYoung as Brangaene, I loved the warmth in her singing. 

It was great to know that Sky is giving a full opera, all performed in the Met, every weekday afternoon. Thus, at two o'clock you can find me in front of the TV, with a cup of coffee AND tea, so that I don't have to run to the kitchen for liquids during the performance. I've always loved opera, but am ashamed to admit I hardly ever saw or listened to a full one - no time, no money - so this is a wonderful opportunity. Afternoons are perfect to watch opera for me: children are at school and time is mine. Husband is working or busy with his poetry-pages on Facebook and doesn't object to the 'noise' in the background. 

After "Tristan und Isolde" I've seen "Peter Grimes" by Benjamin Britten, half of "Der Rosenkavalier" of Strauss and today they showed "Simon Boccanegra" of Verdi. For me the star of today was soprano Adrianne Pieczonka, as she was the only woman in a major role and had so much to sing. I loved her voice and her quality of singing and acting. Placido Domingo was Simon Boccanegra and was doing fine, but not more than that I feel. I liked the choruses of this opera very much. Warm female voices, from contraltos till sopranos, and chorus-singing have always been my love.

I guess "Peter Grimes" was my favourite, but probably because all these operas are new to me, hence i did not yet recognize any thing. Peter Grimes was most melodious and 'easy' to get into. Also it was the most memorable character  so far: performed both shocking and touching as well as very beautiful and expressive by Anthony Dean Griffey. 

Actually I would dearly love to listen all of these operas a couple of times more, so that I get familiar with the music and the singing and can get 'lost' in them more easily. Now I have to concentrate so very much on every thing at once, especially as I am trying to understand the 'story'. So I'm more watching than listening so far.

Tomorrow it will be "Macbeth", Thursday "Manon Lescaut" and Friday "La Fille du Regiment". A lot to look forward to!


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